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 Favorite lyrics

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PostSubject: Favorite lyrics   Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:46 pm

Tell us some of your favorite lyrics from Def Leppard songs.

Some of mine are,

From 'To Be Alive'

You sit alone inside a room
Wait for the world to come to you
They never do
It must be something that you can't let go

From 'It's only Love'

Every dream I dream has got you in
And every minute with you means everything
I wanna take you there where you've never been
In my dreams

From '21st Century Sha La La La Girl'

I'd walk on glass just to hear you say
Gettin' it on is like a drug to me
I want you baby, can't you see
I'm crashed and I'm crushed and I'm stuck on you
I'd do anything that you want me to

It's A Viv Thing!

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite lyrics   Tue Mar 06, 2007 2:44 pm

Anything on the Slang record, seriously. I think that album is so deep lyrically; very emotional.

From: Truth?
Am I the victim of youth
Is this the truth
Why don't you tell me
Why don't you tell me

There's no conscience
In charity or shame
The voice deceive me
But believe me it's the same
I see the black in white
And the colour in the gray

Better for me better for you
Gonna bleach it all away
I'm still alive and so should i
Soak up the wave of compromise

I see the scars, I hear the lies
So what's the truth
Why don't you tell me

From: Turn to Dust
Won't you save me
Don't you blame me
I got the feel that I'm gone - turn to dust

Rape me
Segregate me
I got the fear that I am gone - turn to dust
Slave or sympathy it atrophies
Save but ancient hearts
Hiding scars and knives in symphonies
Still we rise to fall

From: All I Want is Everything
I don't know how to leave you
And I don't know how to stay
I've got things that I must tell you
That I don't know how to say

The man behind these empty words
Is crying out in shame
Holding on to this sinking ship
When nothing else remains

All I want is everything
Am I asking too much?
All I want is everything
Like the feel of your touch
But all I have are yesterdays
Tomorrow never comes

From: Work it Out
Yesterday lost your way
Still looking for an answer
I'm the one who holds the key

When you don't know where you belong
And nothing seems to matter
I'll unlock this mystery

All of this doubt
Day and night - black and white
Take it all for granted
We get to work it out
I'm the one who turns you on
Turns you on - turns you on
All of this doubt

When you don't know where you belong
And nothin' seems to matter
We get to work it out
I'm the one who's holdin' on
Holdin' on - holdin' on

And I also love Move With Me Slowly, Hysteria, and anything Viv wrote Smile
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Favorite lyrics
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